Khazad Ibizan Hounds, then and now.

Ibizan Hounds, the clowns of the dog world!


Prairie's On Wings Of A Dragn  (pedigree)

9-20-99 to 8-4-11

BAER clear

Shiner was from my very 1st Ibizan litter, my Dragon theme litter.  I had had no intentions on keeping a white, but there was something about her.  All the pups in the litter had names early, but it took me 4wks to find a name I liked for her.   I had had an accident and wound up with a big black eye and when I looked down at her and the only red marking she had was a red patch over her eye, it dawned on me Shiner was the perfect name.  Looked like someone had given her a 'shiner' too.