Khazad Ibizan Hounds, then and now.

Ibizan Hounds, the clowns of the dog world!

Puppy Questionnaire

Please fill out this questionnaire below and email it to us at  It's important to us that puppies go to not only the best homes possible, but the right homes.  Puppies are more than cute, they each have individual personalities.  The more we know about you, the easier it is for us to help you select the right pup for your home.

  • Name: 
  • Address:
  •  Phone (home):    work:


  • Referred by:


  • What reference materials have you read about Ibizans and raising a puppy?  How many individuals of this breed are you acquainted with?


  • Type of home you live in?  (Apartment, house, condo ect)     


  • If renting, please give name and address of landlord:


  • Name, address and phone number of your veterinarian:




  1. Who will be the primary care giver?


  2. Where will the puppy be kept during the night?


  3. Where will the puppy be kept during the day?


  4. Is anyone home during the day?


  5. How many hours on the average will the puppy be left alone?


  6. Will there be someone available to feed and exercise the puppy during the day?


  7. Have you ever owned a dog before?


  8. Do you have any other animals?


  9. Do you have any children? If yes, what are their ages?


  10. Does anyone in your household have allergies to animals?


  11. If yes, to what and how severe?


  12. Are you interested in a male or female puppy?
  13. Do you have a color/markings or coat type (smooth or wire) preference?
  14. How did you hear about this breed?


  15. What do you expect the activity level of this breed to be:


  16. What kind of diet will this puppy be eating?  (raw fed, high quality kibble, mix of raw & kibble, ect)


  17. How many hours a day will the puppy be kept outside?


  18. How will he be confined when he is outside?


  19. Do you have a fenced yard or suitable pen?
  20. How high is your fencing?
  21. Have you ever house trained a dog before?


  22. How long have you lived at this address?


  23. Will you be attending any training classes?


  24. If yes, at what age will you start, which activities or competitions are you interested in, who is the trainer?


  25. How long did your last pet live? What were the circumstances of its' death?


  26. Have you ever returned a pet to the breeder? If so, what were the circumstances?


  27. Have you ever given a pet away? If so, what were the circumstances?


  28. Have you ever taken a pet to a pound or shelter? If so, what were the circumstances?


  29. Are you interested in showing the dog in the conformation ring? (AKC, UKC, IABCA)


  30. Are you interested in competition in performance events such as lure coursing, obedience, agility, weight pulling , etc.?


  31. Have you shown a dog to any performance titles?  (AKC, UKC ect)


  32. Do you intend to breed the dog?


  33. Do you understand the difference between a limited registration and a full registration?
  34. Anything else you would like to add?