Khazad Ibizan Hounds, then and now.

Ibizan Hounds, the clowns of the dog world!


(Am.UCI-Nat.UCI-Int.Ch Gryphon's Pied Piper X Mythmuir's Golden Bough Sarita, SC, LCM, CFCh)

                 UCI-Nat. UCI-Int. Ch Gryphon's Gypsy Moth Mecca B  "Mecca"

1-24-96 to 11-16-2006 (pedigree)

OFA G, BAER clear
Mecca was one of the best things to happen to me.  She was my 'angel' dog, and rarely could do no wrong.  She was extremely special to us, and I Thank Sue Fegan of Gryphon Ibizans for entrusting her to me.  Mecca has now gone over Rainbow Bridge, but she will forever live on in our hearts.  For me, she was everything an Ibizan should be.  Mecca was sadly only bred once, producing the Dragon theme litter.