Khazad Ibizan Hounds, then and now.

Ibizan Hounds, the clowns of the dog world!

Dragon Litter



Our 1999 Dragon themed Ibizan Hound litter.

(Am.Can.Ch Ahram's Abul Howl X Nat. Int. Ch Gryphon's Gypsy Moth Mecca B)  

9-20-1999  "Pedigree"


Prairie's A Dragons Tale "Tamen"

1999 to Sept 2003


Prairie's On Wings Of A Dragn "Shiner"


Prairie's White Luck Dragon "Bastian"

1999 to Apr 2004


Am.Ch Ahram Dragonmearound Prairie "Fluff"
1999 to 2010


Prairie's Puff Dragon "Trouper" (export to Tokyo)

1999 to 2007



Prairie's Painted Dragon "Pinta"



Prairie's Dragon Me Around "Mila"



Prairie's Wild Dragon Khepri "Khepri"

 1999 to 12-31-2010



Prairie's Dragon Song "Clio"




Prairie's Dragon Tracker "Ranger"

1999 to 1-22-2011



Prairie's Venus Dragonfly "India"